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Here is a brief list of prices for common items of treatment provided at our practice. We provide many more treatments that are not included in this list. A full estimate for the treatment you require will be provided after your examination.

Charges are paid after each treatment, or in some cases where large laboratory costs are involved, before treatment commences.

Payments can be made by credit/debit card, cheque or cash, at reception or over the telephone.


Price HDP
New Patient Examination (including Xrays) £45.00 £45.00
Examination (6 monthly) £30.00 N/C
Small Xray (2 films) £15.00 N/C
Scale and Polish (with hygienist) £33.00 N/C
Silver Filling from £45.00 N/C
White Filling from £52.00 N/C
Root Treatment from £195.00 - £280.00 N/C
Extraction £55.00 N/C
Emergency Appointment £75.00 N/C
Full Dentures (upper and lower) £700.00 Lab fee
Partial denture (acrylic) from £320.00 Lab fee
Porcelain crown £350.00 Lab fee
Gold Crown £400.00 Lab fee
Lava crown £400.00 Lab fee
Veneer £300.00 Lab fee
Sports Mouthguard from £45.00 Lab fee
Tooth whitening (Bleaching) both arches £300.00 £240.00
Tooth whitening (Bleaching) single arch £180.00 £150.00
Implant (single tooth) £2000.00 £2000.00


  • HDP – Highland Dental Plan
  • N/C – no charge (fee is covered by Highland Dental Plan)
  • Lab fee – items made by laboratories carry an invoice payable by the patient.

Spread the cost

We offer a dental membership plan, managed by Highland Dental Plan which is available from £14.19 to £41.98 per month. Find out more.