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Invisalign - treatments available

Comprehensive Package

This is for moderate to severe crowding/spacing and includes as many aligners to reach clinical goal.

Price: from £3800

Lite Package

This is for mild crowding/spacing.

It includes up to 14 aligners.

Price single arch: from £1800

Price both arches: from £2400


Express Package

This can be used for treatment of relapse or minor movement.

Includes up 7 aligners.

Price single arch: from £900

Price both arches: from £1200



Vivera Retainers   3 sets of aligners

Price single arch: £290

Price both arches: £420


Regular Essix Retainers  1 set 

Price single arch: £80

Price both arches: £150



Invisalign Treatment Provides Many Benefits

Clear, removable Invisalign trays are a less invasive orthodontic treatment method. With Invisalign technology, your teeth can be straightened without causing inconveniences to your daily life.

Benefits You Probably Didn’t Expect

The most obvious difference between Invisalign treatment and braces is their appearance, but there’s more to it than that. For example...
Less dental visits. We’ll see you only once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Invisalign trays can sometimes double as whitening trays.

The removable trays allow you to brush and floss normally, which results in better oral health during treatment.

You can enjoy the foods you choose, without the dietary restrictions of braces.

The smooth plastic trays are more comfortable, so you won’t deal with the irritation metal brackets sometimes cause.

There are different treatment options ranging from treatment for straightening 1 or 2 teeth to full mouth aligners.

Our Principal Dentist Syed Askari will guide you through the different choices and stages - phone or email to make an appointment.


Straight Teeth Provide More Than A Great Look

Aesthetics aside, having straight teeth is important for a number of reasons. Straight teeth are easier to clean and floss. They also guard against uneven wear, and painful TMJ problems. Straighter teeth allow for more efficient chewing and enhance food digestion. Straight teeth can even cause better pronunciation and speech!

Is Invisalign Is Right For You?

Schedule an appointment with us! We’d love to see what we can do to improve and preserve your beautiful smile. We hope to see you soon!

Childsmile Clinics

Childsmile Clinics

We are now holding Childsmile sessions with our Extended Duties Dental Nurse -Sam Cameron.




Sam will give you and your children hints and tips on dental care,  demonstrate and explain toothbrushing,  promote toothbrushing messages eg: spit, don't rinse,  advise on weaning and healthy snacks and drinks,  provide additional preventative care, such as fluoride varnish.


For more information about Childsmile see  www.child-smile.org.uk

For more details about our Childsmile clinics telephone  01463 233187